Dec 18, 2007



Dec 17, 2007

Maliq + Tompi

Maliq + Tompi pixs..enjoy!

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Dec 12, 2007

Rick Price+James Morrison

As promised, pictures of Dayang+Rick+James Morrison gig pictures. Enjoy!

Dec 5, 2007

You..sent from heaven!

Wow..what a week! Two days of concert and one day being an Ah Long. Lets start by me telling how I became an Ah Long.

Well as you all know about my drama with a certain "Mr. Charles" (sapa yang tak tahu lagi sila refer second last posting). After much failure of trying to get him on the phone, I decided to look for his office. I got his address from a friend of mine who did some business (which also turn sour) with him. So my journey started from 2pm with Syam. Syam as for that day changed his name to Ah Sam and Ah Pee for myself. After driving around for nearly 1 hour to find Sunwaymas area, we finally found his office. However, we failed. We knocked on the door like two gangsters but no one asnwered the door. At this point I was ready to kill someone. Lucky for him no one was around. So now that I know where his office was, Im just waiting for day Im gonna go and throw a bucket of paint on his office door. Fucking bastard! So that was pretty much an afternoon wasted.

On Thursday, Ema and I went to watch James Morrison live in KL Convention Centre. The concert started off with Dayang performing 4 songs (I think so..haha). She was good, in her own way though some people mite complain that she did more cover songs rather than her own. Next was Rick Price. I felt sorry for the man because most of the crowd were kinda bored half way thru his show. Everyone was pretty much waiting for him to play 'Heaven Knows'. After a gruelling 1hr of Mr Price being bluessy, came Jimmy boy! hahahaha..I must be frank that Ive only heard two of his singles and on the day of the concert itself, I listen to his entire album online just to make myself familiar with his songs. Kudos to Jim, he was good infact excellent at time. I had fun. comes the funny part. There were girls sitting behind us kept on yelling 'James Morrison, I love you!'. I didnt want to feel left out, I decided to yell as well. And when Jim finished 1 of his song, as the clapping toned down, I yelled as loud as I could. 'James!! Youre so sexy in a non sexual way!!!' and guess what..Jim heard me loud and clear. HAHAHAHAH..He said thank you and glad Im here at the concert and he thinks I was sexy too. yeah..if you were at the concert and heard that loud yell, that was me. :D

On Friday, I was excited. Estatic. I was like a boy with a candy. Maliq & d'essentials were in town and they were performing at Zouk. We got there at 8pm and they were selling Maliq's merchandise outside Zouk. Oh yes!! I bought an official Maliq's t-shirt and got tons of free stuff. Im so happy!! hahahahaha...and it came time for Maliq n d'essential to perform. (I missed Noryn Aziz performance by the way). FUCKING HELL!! Damn they were good!! Shit yeah!! Tight band as tight they could be. Angga's voice was sublime, Indah was as beautiful as her name and Jawa was slapping his bass with full energy. Ive watched Jamiroquai live before (and Ive often compared Maliq's music being slightly similar to Jamiroquai's early years music) and dare I say, Maliq & d'essentials were far better than Jamiroquai. (Well maybe..) It was good as having an orgasm. I hope they will come back and tour Malaysia again in the near future. MALIQ & D'ESSENTIALS KICK ASS!! Here are two videos I shot and picture are coming soon, maybe after I come back from BALI..yeah baby!! Bali here I come!!!!