May 31, 2009


oooooo oh oooooooo! prrriiiiiiitttt!!


May 30, 2009

NKOTB MANIA WEEK - If you go away

May 29, 2009

NKOTB MANIA WEEK - Step by step



May 28, 2009


How cool is this. Mastodon, my favourite band is now following me on twitter!

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Didnt we girl..ooohhhh


May 27, 2009

NKOTB MANIA WEEK - You got the right stuff

Oh oh oooo oh..oh oh ooo o oh..damn!


May 26, 2009


Im having New Kids on the Block mania week. Dammit! Everyday 1 video from NKOTB


May 25, 2009

Coming soon!

Coming to your world wide web on 090609!

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Musik Monday

May 22, 2009

The wind would whisper and I'd think of you

I was sleeping on a Saturday morning when my dad woke me up. Asked me to get up and get ready. I was 12 or 11 years old. Got into the car and ask him "nak gi mana pak?". He answered "TUDM". I thought, damn...he's taking me to watch him play golf. My dad loves playing his golf at TUDM Sg Besi. It was his sanctuary. When we got there, he turned into the base office for the army planes. Got out and met his friend. An army pilot, had the day off and planned to fly around KL in a small plane (I dont remember what the plane is called). Off we went into the sky and I'm looking out the window. Scared. Mind you when I was small, I hated flying. I get air sick. However, looking out the window of this small plane, I forgot all of my fear and enjoyed the view. It was beautiful. Cars were like matchbox toys only they were moving by themselves and not by my hand. People were so tiny. Everything looked like toys. I was in heaven.

That is one of sweetest memories I enjoyed with my dad. Today marks the 6th year of his passing. I love you Pak and will always miss you. Al-Fatihah.

Your son.


May 19, 2009

Rimau tinggal nama

Akhirnya rimau paling di geruni mati di tembak. Isu kat sini yang aku nak cerita is not about the political mumbo jumbo of Sri Lanka or whatever. Nampak gambar kat atas tu kan. Aku ada isu ngan gambar tu. Sapalah design uniform dorang ni? Mendiang Velupillai Prabhakaran segak tampan bergaya? Salah. Dia kelihatan seperti seorang dewasa yang masa kecik tak dapat pergi Padang Besar dan beli uniform askar. Bila dah besar baru nak pakai. FUGLY bukan?

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May 18, 2009

Musik Monday

Been looking for this song forever. Finally!

May 14, 2009

Sexy People

A celebration of the perfect portrait. Hahahahha..this blog is hilarious!! Check it out at

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May 13, 2009


I stumble on this guys website while surfing for ideas. Kevin Cornell is an illustrator and his works are really cool. He's also kinda funny. Check out his website.

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Video minggu ini vol. 11

Im feeling kinda nostalgic.


May 12, 2009

Marley & Me and I cried

I finally watched Marley & Me just now with Ema. I like Owen Wilson. He's a funny dude in his own weird way. I was expecting like a funny movie with the dog being such a pain in the ass but I was wrong. I was so wrong. It was a great movie in showing how your pets can be a friend in hard and good times. They dont talk back and certainly wont judge you. No matter how you feel, dog or cat or whatever your pet is, will make you smile. Though sometimes it will piss you off, they will somehow make you laugh in the end. So, Marley & Me was a joy to watch and at the end, Marley grew old and his time had come. It was sad to watch him die and a tear rolled down my face. It reminded me when I found my cat, Chewie, on the side of the road. Yes, I can be soft sometimes. Im only human...

R.I.P Chewie

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Gag me!

Image from Getty Images

Seriously. I can't stand this bitch. Annoying gila lagu dia. Ini aku kategorikan kepada penyanyi yang ingin menyanyi tapi suara cam lahabau. Ambil jalan mudah dan buat lagu pop dance. Menyanyi lagu jenis pop dance ni tak susah dan kalau suara cam barua pun ada teknologi yang boleh manipulate suara cam robot ke hapa. Macam KRU buat masa dorang buat band Tyco tu. Aku menyampah sangat dengan Lady Gaga kerana aku rasa dia ni bimbo yang kurang cerdik. Bahasa kasar "Dumbass". Tak percaya? Baca quote ni.

“My grandmother is basically blind, but she can make out the lighter parts, like my skin and hair. She says, “I can see you, because you have no pants on.” So I’ll continue to wear no pants so that my grandma can see me.”

Tak ke bodoh namanya tu?

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May 11, 2009

Dayeeeeemmmm! Vol. 11

Image taken from

Activision announces to release DJ Hero after the much success of Guitar Hero. Dayem! I can be a DJ now!! My dream is coming true! Boleh ah aku jadi Mix Master Mike. Yeah bouy!


Im burning up

Gambar hiasan

Weekend yang terlalu panas. Kalau aku tinggal di Malibu memang ah seronok dan best. Sebab dekat dengan pantai. Tapi aku tinggal di Kuala Lumpur. Pantai paling dekat pun Port Dickson. Tu pun kalau dok kat Pantai Port Dickson penuh dengan Kakak dan Abang yang bawak anak-anak main tepi pantai pakai track bottom. Tiada kelibat Jessica Alba atau Jessica Biel berbikini. Aku dok rumah. Pasang kipas paling laju pun aku masih panas. Belum lagi kira bilik opis rumah aku. Aku nak kerja langsung takde idea. Terlalu panas. Bilik tu pulak kipas cam lahabau. Aku kena beli air cond.

So. Aku di sini ingin meminta kepada semua, untuk menyumbang ke akaun paypal aku untuk aku beli air cond untuk pasang di rumah. Bantu lah aku untuk sejuk dan kelihatan panas seperti Jessica Alba. Oh Jessica.


Musik Monday

Album you release dengan recording company mana? Brushfire Records. Brushfire Records, label Jack Johnson? Ya.

Berapa ramai artis kita boleh jawap tu? Tak ramai. Zee Avi sorang je boleh. Hebat!

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May 4, 2009

Musik Monday

May 1, 2009

Michael Muller

Pharell by Michael Muller

Michael Muller is slowly creeping into being one of my favourite portrait photographer. Check out his website.

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Selamat Hari Pekerja

Image taken from

Selamat Hari Merehatkan Otak dari memikir kerja-kerja di ofis. Di rumah masih harus memikir ya!