Oct 30, 2007

Run to the hills!

Aku nak cakap kat korang la..jangan la marah ke..benci ke..jealous ke..tapi..


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So Juan..lets see what you can do..

The Story of Spurs
So Martin Jol has been given the boot. I kinda feel its totally not his fault though..he couldve find better defenders before the season started rite? From last season it was so apparent that back four was letting in goals last minute. For the new season, who did we buy? Kaboul..Kevin Boateng..who else? No one who is really an established defender to take control rite? Ledley King? Mana dia? Injured tak sudah..Anthony "FUCKING" Gardner still there. I dont see the significant of that fucker in defence when hes playing. Fucked up. So Juande Ramos. Good luck and lets see how far can you take us.

I got it from my mama! I got it from my mama!
Black Eyed Peas came to town. Well actually they went up the bukit la..hahah. I went to the show with Ema. Im not really a huge fan of BEP but free tickets so whatever la. Plus I get to see Fergie. Damn shes fergielicious..BEP was good. Performing mostly all of their top 40 hits, Will.I.Am performed his latest solo single. Fergie did a few songs from her solo album. So it was good. Not only did we get to watch BEP live, we got Fergie and Will solo performance as well. They had a 4 piece band with them so it was great but Arena All Stars is well known for its fucked up sound. So sound system was kinda disappointing. I did record two videos but my video sucked so I have stolen someone elses video from youtube for you guys. Heres Will performing I got it from my mama.

Oct 24, 2007

Keep on rotting in the free world!

Reactivated British extreme legends CARCASS have been confirmed for next year's installment of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place July 31 - August 2, 2008 in Wacken, Germany. Also scheduled to appear are IRON MAIDEN (headliners), CHILDREN OF BODOM, AVANTASIA, KREATOR and SONATA ARCTICA.

Commented CARCASS bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker: "Well, they said it would never happen. In fact I said it would never happen. Then I noticed no one pays attention to what I say anyway and I sounded like an idiot...

"Summer 2008 will be the twentieth anniversary since the release of CARCASS' first studio album. It will be fourteen years since we last played live.

"We've decided to exhume the old corpse next summer at Wacken. The timing is purely coincidental — it's been a long journey to get to this point where myself, Bill Steer [guitar] and Mike Amott [guitar; also of ARCH ENEMY] have enough common desire again to make it possible. We're finally conceding to the demand that seems to be at an all time high and doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Any past reasons we may have had for not wanting to do it, or thinking it was impossible, have simply dissipated in the face of overwhelming interest in us performing THOSE riffs for a generation of believers who never had the opportunity back in the day. We could say we're doing it for 'the kids' — but fuck that ! We're doing it 'cos it will be fun again to play the classic CARCASS tunes!!

"Of course, it would seem inappropriate for us to contemplate to do this without Ken Owen [drums], but I assure you he'll be there, and we'll push some sticks in his hands and make him play, plus we'll have a killer drummer to sit in and play HIS parts.

"Myself, Jeff Walker on bass and vocals, 'the semi-legendary' Bill Steer and Mike Amott on lead guitar and Daniel Erlandsson [ARCH ENEMY], filling in for Ken on drums look forwards to mutilating your hearing.

"And if we don't do it? Who else will overshadow the LED ZEPPELIN reunion?


"Prepare to rot and roll."

In a recent interview with MTV.com, Michael Amott stated about the possibility of CARCASS reunion, "It seems like it never goes away — like this ghost that's always hanging over me. It's nice. It's a pleasant ghost, because [CARCASS are] a band I'm proud of, because it was one of the better bands to come out of that style of music at that time. The band itself seems bigger now than when we packed it in [back in 1995]. I can't believe it."

"With [CARCASS], you have four people who have all moved on and do different things now," he said. "For the last few years, I've been quite open about [my desire to reunite CARCASS]. ... It's not a question of, 'Do I want to play this kind of music?,' because I still totally love metal. I would love to do it."

The ex-members of CARCASS hooked up in 2006 to rehearse (as first reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on September 18) for the first time in many years.

"We thought, 'Let's just try to get our schedules together, jam a little bit, and see if it's even feasible,' " Amott said. "The question always comes up in interviews, and we kind of all became intrigued ourselves, if it would actually work. So we met up, rehearsed for about a week, and by the end of the week, it sounded amazing."

He added, "The band wouldn't set out to write or record new material, because "the old stuff was just that good. It would just be a blast to go out and play those — dare I say it — classic tunes again, those riffs. It would be fun. Bill's guitar playing was amazing — he was one of my heroes before I joined the band. So yeah, I would love to do it again. I love that band, love the music. We'll see — maybe it would shut people up. Let's hope the CARCASS can come back."


waaaahooooooooooooooo! my favourite metal band of all time reuniting. Arch Enemy wont sound how they sound now without this band. FUCKING LEGENDS! Too bad for me they wont come to Malaysia la kan..tapi..mana la tahu kot kot jadi cam napalm death. So whoever bawa napalm to Malaysia, please..pretty please bring them down too!! hahaha..wishful thinking la gamaknya..below is their video and one of my favourite tracks from Carcass.


Oct 23, 2007



Oct 17, 2007

The New Look

Hello bitches! Welcome to my new and improved (NOT) blog. You like? I now have added a link (on top of the page) where I'll feature a band or artiste website which I think you ppl should check out and might enjoy.

Hari Raya was pretty much ok. I'll post something much more interesting later..for now, enjoy my new look...muahahhahahhah..