Mar 31, 2008

I dare you..I double dare you!

This is fuckin brilliant..

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Mar 27, 2008

This morning..

Selamat pagi.

This morning, two car drivers got a free DUMBFUCK from me.


Mar 26, 2008

I'm pissed

Yes people. Im muthafuckin pissed. Im pissed at the muthafuckin traffic situation in this fuckin city. Yes I know its been the same for a very long time and I shud be use to it. But fuck. Last Monday, I was on my way to Berjaya Time Square from Phileo Damansara. I left around 6.30pm and I got to BTS at 8.45pm. What the fuck?!?! My knees felt like it was gonna pop out of my fuckin legs. Stupid fuckin shite. Bodoh gile la. Traffic in this city is getting worse. FUCK! Im pissed.

Ok..thats out of my system. Im starting a new project. Its called "Peeps trying to grow a beard". Yes my friend. Starting next Monday at 12pm everyday, Im gonna take a picture of myself for the next 60days. Im gonna try to grow a beard. HAHAHAHA..yes!

This Sunday gonna go watch a band from US called Horse the band. Im excited but a bit pissed with the amount of bands opening. Macam gig local lak. Apa-apa je lah. According to my friend Zalie, Comeback Kid is also coming to town on the 26th April. Dia kata dorang nak organise kat Zouk. Tengok la camne. According to him as well, one of my favourite band is coming down. TRIVIUM. Boleh percaya ke? Kita tunggu dan lihat je la. In the meantime, enjoy one of my fav tracks from Horse the band. Lets get fucking insane!!

Mar 21, 2008

Im muthafuckin EVIL!

Mar 17, 2008

Mic Checka 1, 2, 1, 2

Weekend. Sunbusrt. Bukit Kiara. Raining heavily. Wet. Went late. George Clinton..superb. The Roots..AWESOME! John Legend..Im a believer..haha. Incubus...tight! Search..YEAAHH piieeewwieet!! Auuuuuuuuwww!

Mar 7, 2008

International Womans Day...yeah..

In conjunction with the International Womans Day, I've come up a list of my fantasy 'Damn..I wanna do u' list from the days when I was a teenager and today. Now..this is no disrespect to these womans or TO MY WIFE, its just a list of woman that all of my friends and I fantasies because we know...we wont get them..hahahaha... so here it goes. I'll start with when I was a teenager list.

7. Farrah Fawcett
She was Charlie's Angel and she was fantasies by a lot of men during her time. She's H.O.T. *Suggested by Hisyam

6. Maria Farida
Damn..damn..damn..She's still damn..damn..damn!!

5. Maria Arshad (image not available)
Need I say more?

4. Heather Locklear
I never really fancied her much..but seeing her in uniform when she was in T.J Hooker, lemah beb..cuff me up and do me Heather..! *Suggested by Hood

3. Kylie Minogue from the land down under. When she started her singing career, she wasnt that hot but over the years...damn girl. I wanna do the loco motion all nite long with you. Non stop to ectasy!! hahahahha..

2. Marissa Tomei
I feel madly in love with her when she did Only You movie. She was hot and she's the reason why I love brunette and short hair girls. She made me weak..weak I tell you..ahhhhh...

1. Madonna
Tie me up and sing to me Like A Virgin please..Oh Madonna..

10. Sarimah Ibrahim
England awak melemahkan semangat saya dan Hisyam...hahahahah

9. Charlize Theron
Aeon Flux movie made me really...really...weak..damn! Eventhough the movie was really boring..heheh..

8. Ana Ivanovic
You can ACE me anytime Ana..or volley or backhand. Just Do Me!! hahaha..

7. Kardashian Sisters
Who da hell are the Kardashian's?? I dont really care but both of them can do me together...yeah!

6. Holly Valance
Beauty from the land down under. She cant sing for shit but hell she got a nice body.

5. Alyssa Milano
Meh Charmed aku meh..fuh lemah..lemah..Tight like a tiger..

4. Hillary Duff
My sweet little Lizzie McGuire. Havent you grown nicely..hahahha..Shes getting freakier by the day. Go Lizzie..go Lizzie...ummmmm..

3. Natalie Imbruglia
Go to youtube and watch her Smoke video clip and tell me she doesnt look hot hot hot in that video. Im so happy she ditch lame boy from silverchair. muuuahahahahhah..

2. Monica Bellucci
Need I say more?

1. Jessica Alba
Perfect..simply perfect. Malas aku nak citer banyak..haha

P/S : Give me or suggest anyone else you think should be in the list ya!

Mar 4, 2008


Congratulation Fidzy and Miza..! Dont I look sharp in my suit..damn!