Mar 30, 2009

Abang manje :P

Selamat Hari Lahir Amin Ashaari yang perasaan dialah manusia paling kacak di tanah Malaya ni. Dalam english "God's gift to women". Lihat je gambar ni. Dikelilingi oleh wanita-wanita. Hebat bukan? Malangnya, tu semua adik dia je. HAHAHA.

PS : gambar di curi dari facebook Amira

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Mar 26, 2009

Space cowboy

Back in 1994, I was in London visiting my brother (he was studying there). One fine day I was watching MTV (I think so..) and saw this awesome band. Aku tanya abang aku, sapa dorang ni, abang aku cakap Jamiroquai. Gile ah..they were playing Space Cowboy live and I was hooked. Abih segala benda aku cari pasal Jamiroquai. I was addicted. The best thing about this band was of course Jay Kay lah kan but to me it was Stuart Zender. Bass dia leleh bai. Memang bass line dia gile. Leleh tiap kali aku dengar. 1996 they release the best album that they have ever produce in my opinion. Cuba layan lagu Alright and tell me the bass line and beat doesnt make you wanna dance eventhough you cant dance for shit. So, I made it my mission, my aim, my 10 things to do in life which was to watch them live in concert. 2002 my dream came true. They came to Perth and I bought my plane ticket without any hesitation at all. It was one of the best concert I've ever been to however I missed Stuart Zender's bass lines. Nonetheless, I was so happy that I could watch them I didnt care. 5th April, Jay is coming to town and sesapa yang tak pernah tengok Jamiroquai live, I tell you its an event not to be missed. He is a performer. He is slick. He is meant to be watched live in action rather than in videos. I hope I get my tickets so that I can watch him in action again. Oh, the video above is from 1992 Return of the Space Cowboy, Half the Man. One of my favourite Jamiroquai track of all time. You're the other half of me...


Video minggu ini Vol. 8

Manis sungguh lagu ni...

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Mar 25, 2009

Tidak jadi


Mar 19, 2009

Video minggu ini Vol. 8

Tetiba aku cam nak layan Danzig lak. Lama betul aku tak dengar lagu Mother ni. Best best...


Mar 18, 2009

Land of the I Love My Horn

is Indonesia. Hahaha..I went to Jakarta earlier this month as you all know. Main reason was to watch Lamb of God's concert and also a small reunion with my univ mates back in Perth. It was good to catch with Tari and Ocky. Tari was my junior in univ and Ocky was my classmate, concert buddy, smoke buddy and all round good friend I made back in Perth. With the power of Facebook, we finally got back in touch after 9 years. It was a great trip and a tiring one as well. The concert was excellent and I only wished that I had bought floor tickets instead of seat tickets. Huge thank you to Tari, Andri, Ocky and Ayu for making our trip to Jakarta a good one! Enjoy all the pictures!

Tari & Andri
Ocky & Peeps
Mark Morton

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Mar 10, 2009

Lamb of God Live in Jakarta

Im back from Jakarta and what a concert it was! Will update soon!!

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Mar 6, 2009

Walk with me in hell..

Sempena aku nak pergi tengok konsert Lamb of God, here some vids for the people who cant come with me. hehehe...

The new video


Good morning!

Magibon again!


Mar 3, 2009


Got home from work and found Chewie lying on the side of the road. He was killed by those savage stray dogs. Fucking bastards!!

RIP Chewie...

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Mar 2, 2009

Malaysia boleh! the ending.

Masih ingat dengan posting aku tentang nak repair savvy nya ignition coil? Tak ingat refer sini. Akhirnya aku repair gak ignition coil tu. Harga aku repair tidak pun cecah 1 ribu. Malah tidak lebih dari RM500 pun. Hahaha. Berapa kau tanya aku? RM340 total. YE! Ignition coil RM250, spark plug RM50 dan upah pasang RM40. Yes! Takde de sampai 1 ribu. Bangsat. Terima kasih kepada En Hood Ismail atas bantuan menelefon spare partnya kedai. Aku gembira! \(^^)/

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Mar 1, 2009

Papa notty!

We went to BTS today. I wanted to try Papa Johns Pizza. Verdict after all the images.
Ema had the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings. Yum!
I had the Marco Polo@Spaghetti Bolognese. It was good but not great. Portion too little for me.
Boy had Baked Chicken & Mushroom Rice. TASTELESS...
Finally, what we came for arrived. All Meat thin crust pizza. Topping=Good Sauce=Good Crust=Good/so-so
Is that so?
Lunch made ponder, better...really? I think I'll give them a 6 out of 10. If only the portions were larger and baked rice wasnt so tasteless...

We then went to Bangsar to buy cat food when this kitty looked at me and said..."Take me home puhweasee.."And still gave me that look...only if I had the money kitty..sorry.

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