Feb 28, 2009

3.40 pagi

Pukul 3.40 pagi. Aku takleh tido. Sangap. Aku buat HDR photo kerana terlalu bosan dan Peah tak sudah buat HDR aku pun jadi layan gak. hahahaha...

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Feb 26, 2009

Dayeeeeemmmm! Vol. 7

Aku nak!!

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I've got nothing interesting to blog about. Enjoy my photo. Hahaha...

Feb 23, 2009

Dear Khim Foh

Dear KF,

Thanks for messing with my head. Now I have this urge to go look for all Clone Trooper stuff. Currently, I'm turn on with this Master Replica helmet of Commander Gree. Its giving me huge hard on.

I also would like you to check out this youtube page. This guy in the UK has a massive collection of Star Wars and its giving me an orgasm. Check it out ya!


Thanks from CT6969

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Feb 22, 2009

Why so serious?

I hope he wins the Oscar.

UPDATE 11am : Heath won the best supporting actor!

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Feb 20, 2009

Layan beb!

Salah satu sebab kenapa aku suka gila band ni. Chris Adler power gila! Tak sabar sungguh aku nak p tengok konsert dorang bulan 3 ni! Woohoo!

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I went to my brother in law's school today to meet his teacher because he had his handphone confiscated. Now, I have told him, never to bring it to school because I think its wrong. I didnt own a fuckin handphone when I was his age and at that time it didnt existed. Being a stubborn 17 year old, he still took it to school and yesterday, it got taken away by the teacher. Im all for banning handphone in school because with all the new technolgy these phone got, nothing is impossible. So, today I had to go meet his teacher to get back the phone and some nagging session. Mind you this is not the first time I've gone for parent/guardian meeting with a teacher. When he was at his old school (St John), I went to get his report card. Everytime it was the same issue, smart but lazy.

I got to the school, went to the office and sat with the teacher. Before me, there this indian boy who was in her room getting an earful from the teacher for not finishing his homework. The first thing the teacher said to me was..

Teacher : Im sorry for the mess and smell (the indian boy had a funky odour). That stupid boy is a bit busuk.

HELLO?! Stupid? Come on lah. Why you have to call the boy stupid. I mean, you're a fuckin educator here. You should know a better word to use other than stupid kan. Ok, I admit I use bodo with my friends. However, they are my friends and me calling them bodo means that Im saying to my friend "You're a fuck head and that was silly". Bodo is sweet and short. I would never call my colleague bodo. I surely wont call my nephew or brother or sister bodo. Thats just plain harsh. I got a bit irratated with the teacher (and I think everyone knows what my opinion of our education system) and told her..

Me : I dont think you should be calling your students stupid.

She looked at me like, "oh crap!" and said she had her reason for calling him stupid. Fuck that shit. Whatever reason you have I dont think its appropriate. At this point, I was already "let get this shit over with and give the phone back before I continue giving you a piece of my mind". She ask me do I know why she took his phone and explained that he was being a nuinsance is class and singing to the girls in the class and some of the girls got offended with the lyrics. She said that my brother is a smart but playful. I agreed with her on that. She continued by saying no phone is allowed on school. Fine, I agree on that too. Then she proceeded to take the phone and read the sms on the phone out loud. (Oh, at this point she asked me to write a letter of apology to the school for this matter and she wanted it done now. I said fine and began writing the letter). I SNAPPED. "Im sorry Puan but I dont want to sound rude but I think that is just wrong of you to read all of his sms". She asked me, dont you read his sms. I said "No". She wasnt happy. She said her son is 25 or whatever age he is, and she reads his sms everyday. FUCK THAT SHIT. I dont fucking care what you do to your son's phone. She continued saying "wow, you're very sporting brother". I said "No. I watch over his actions but I give him SOME freedom and let him be responsible for himself. He is 17 and its a good practice for him to learn on how to be responsible with limitations". She wasnt happy with my method. She wants me to be in control of everything he does and guide him. Are you fuckin retarded? Do you think I just let him do anything he wants? NO you fuckin dumbass. He is not allowed to do a lot of things and if you ask my brother, he would say Im fucking Adolf Hitler or Chairman Mao. At this point, I just couldnt be bothered saying anything to the teacher because I know that, the next thing that would come out of my mouth is "FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING POL POT HITLER WANNABEE, FUCKING IM THE FUCKING LAW AND YOU HAVE TO ABIDE TO MY FUCKING RULES OR YOUR WILL DIE MOTHERFUCKER SLUT!". I just couldnt be bothered. She didnt want to take my time anymore, seeing its Friday prayers soon, she gave the handphone, I said "thank you Puan and you have a nice day". All she replied was...OK.

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Feb 19, 2009

Al Fatihah

Datuk Ibrahim Hussein, icon artist, died early yesterday morning. We truly have lost an iconic artist. Al Fatihah...Moga roh Allahyarham di cucuri rahmat. Amin.

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Sapa nak stikcer free? Sempena ulang tahun pertama Blog Buih, En. Peah nak bagi anda sticker free untuk dilekat dimana sahaja. So sila lah email En. Peah atau lawat blognya untuk keterangan lanjut. Support lah sikit!!

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Feb 17, 2009

Dayeeeeemmmm! Vol. 6

BBF blackbird, fly TLR camera from Superheadz.


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Feb 16, 2009

Mind boggling

Anda seorang yang kreatif? Sedang belajar di sekolah dan mahu menjadi kreatif tapi sekolah suruh awak belajar matematik kerana ia lebih penting? Sila tonton video ini. Video ini agak panjang, 20 minit. Saya janji ia tidak membuang masa anda. Tonton dan beri lah pendapat anda. Saya mahu membaca pendapat anda semua. Saya serius. Tonton ye!

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Feb 15, 2009

Sesi gambar minggu ini Vol. IV

Putrajaya at dusk

Putrajaya at Dusk

Percubaan strobe in black & white

Gambar semua di ambil dengan kamera Lumix FX38. Strobe bersama bantuan Nikon SB800 flash.

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Feb 13, 2009

I must be strong!

Nokia E63. Macam nak tertewas je aku ni...haha.


Feb 12, 2009


Meet Sonya. My camera for the past 5 years. Now I have Lumixa, Sonya can now rest in peace. Thank you for all the memories my love.


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Dulu kan...

Dulu kan, amik gambar pakai polaroid agak cool tapi mahal. Sekarang pun sama gak la. Polaroid nya filem tu mahal gile. Sekarang murah! Tak percaya? Free to be exact! Ha..pergi sini POLADROID and download the software. Best gile!! Cuba layan gambar aku kat bawah. Cam kononnya aku tengok konsert Iron Maiden zaman dulu tapi sebenarnya tahun lepas je. Menarik bukan?


Feb 11, 2009

Video minggu ini Vol. 7

Ain't your typical geezer!


Feb 6, 2009

I need help deciding..

UPDATE : Aku dah decide pakai bahasa itali. tak boleh jadi itallian hunk, pakai bahasa itali pun jadilah..hahaha

Hi and good morning beautiful people. I want to change the language title to my blog after months of using it in French. Before this I was using Spanish. I would like readers of my blog (5 to be exact..haha) to suggest what language should I use next. Thanks a bunch!! Anyway..I have these in mind.

1. Russian
2. Swedish
3. Dutch


Feb 4, 2009

Mesti ada sorang...

Di tiap-tiap kampung mesti ada sorang. Mesti ada "Village Druggie" atau melayu nya 'Mat Dadah'. heheheh...


Feb 3, 2009

Lewat sikit tapi tak kisah...

YES! Aku ada toy baru! Thank you my wife for the pressie!


Feb 2, 2009

Selamatkan mereka!

So bila nak buat posting, fikirlah masak-masak ye! Kesian kittens tu...